Promotional Graphics


– Social Media Graphic (Coming soon/pre-order alert/now available)
– Giveaway Graphic
– Sale Graphic
– Any other custom promo graphic
– Facebook, Instagram sizes included
– High Quality

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $10.00
2 10 % $9.00
3+ 20 % $8.00
Note: Your teaser will be ready in 48 hours. It will be directly sent to your email.


Why are Promotional Graphics so important?

Because just as we all judge books by their covers, we also judge books by how they are marketed to us. Book promotional graphics are used to get your readers and potential readers to see your book and remind them it is there.

What type of Promotional Graphics do you need?

You want promotional graphics that are both eye catching and well done to scream “This book is worth it!!”, you want people to stop and look at your graphic and to have your book stuck in their mind, in a positive way.