Queen of Ice


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Queen of Ice is perfect as a fantasy book cover!

A professionnal book cover design is one of the most important marketing tools for authors. This fantasy book cover will capture not only the brilliance of the writing inside of it, but also the eyes of the readers browsing book cover images on Amazon.

If you are looking for affordable and professional book cover designs for your newly written book, you’ve found the BEST cover design service for independent authors and publishers.

Can another author get this cover after I buy it?

No. All our designs (premade or custom designs) are one-of-a-kind exclusive covers, and will be removed from our store once they are purchased.

Can I use this design for both my ebook and print covers?

Yes, that’s definitely possible! We can design a high-quality professional full cover that meets the specific requirements of publishers like KDP Print and IngramSpark. We make sure the front cover, back cover, and spine are designed to show a bold beautiful harmonious cover.

Just select the checkbox next to the “Add Back Cover and Spine Design” option:

Can I make changes to the design of this cover?

Yes! We have added an option for you if you need to make further changes to this premade cover (aside from the author name and book title).

Just select the checkbox next to the “Make Changes to the Design of this Cover” option:

Can I add a copy for my ARC group?

Yes absolutley! We can add an additional cover to your order with an ARC sticker on it.

Just select the checkbox next to the ARC option:

We will prepare an additional cover with an ARC sticker on it. Just let us know what you need written on the sticker:

Sample sticker:

Can I order this cover now and get an audiobook cover later?

Yes! We have added the option for our authors to order an audiobook cover seperately at a later date.

Just go to our Audio Cover Design product page.

Do you still have questions?

You can send us a message using our contact us page, or just DM us on Instagram.